Case Studies

The below mentioned case studies illustrate the importance of various employee background checks. The names of the individuals are not disclosed.

Case study 1: Financial fraud

An employee with a team was entrusted to deliver a huge amout of cash to vendor companies in other city as a payment for their services. He and his team was given official car for the same. In the way, when the other team members were out of car to take a break, he took off with some lakhs cash and flew away. Police investigation revealed that no background checks had been done by the company. Even his given address was fake leaving little scope or evidence for catching him up.

Case study 2: Manager is absconding

A marketing manager while applying in our client company claimed marketing and sales experience in a renowed multi-national company. While verification we found that he had left the earlier employer without serving the notice period. Both the resignation letter and pay slip which he had furnished as proofs of employment were completely forged.

Case study 3: False employment and reference details

A Senior consultant claimed working with a large IT company and submitted the reference of her earlier manager and the experience letter from the previous employer. While verification with the earlier employer, we found that the experience letter was completely forged. Also, the reporting manager who was cited as a reference (and who ‘testified’ over a phone call) was a bogus/dummy reference, was just an friend of the candidate and was never working with the earlier employer.

Case study 4: Salary document with inflated salary

An operations manager in an IT company provided salary document claiming an annual salary as Rs 10 lakhs and had bargained for plus 20% as an annual salary with the new employer. While verification it was found that the salary certificate was altered & forged to enable the higher salary & increment.  It was also as confirmed and authenticated by previous employer. This is how a company can avoid overpayment of salary and avoided hiring a dishonest employee by conducting verification

Case study 5: Applied for job with criminal background

A candidate applied for a job in Gurgaon. He was highly experienced with good academic records.

Company was very happy with his records & hired him without verifying his background. He was performing well but one day he flew away after brutally killing the accountant of the company and took away lakhs of cash available in company. While police investigation, it was found that he had done the same crime earlier in other two cities and in both the cities criminal records were registered against him.

If done verification earlier this mis happening could have been stopped.

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