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Hundreds of companies have hired Crystal Screening services for background verification of their existing and new candidates. Since our inception, we are motivated to help & protect the companies approaching to us. Our commitment to develop the best employment partner and third party background screening in which ensures the highest quality standards for all our reports. Crystal Screening services is backed by a deep commitment to customer service and support on the aspects of Quality Measures. We have a secure environment for handling sensitive candidate information and enables our clients to monitor the status of each background check.

  • Crystal Screening Services provides its clients not only the details as required, also provides every small relevant information captured during verification even if not asked for.
  • Crystal Screening Services provides quickly and professionally as best possible .
  • Crystal Screening Services has maintained good relationship with many of the world largest organizations / companies / Institutes / Universities etc. with due having the long anticipations / relations with a healthy corporate environment.

A background check process is beneficial when you’re looking suitable staff by bringing new hires into your company or organization. Whether you’re looking for a criminal background check, credit check, education verification, reference check or an employment history verification, we have simple and secure pre- and post-employment solutions for you. We help in the process of looking up and compiling criminal, commercial and financial records of the candidate.

1 Academic record verification
2 Employment record verification
3 Address verification
4 Criminal record verification
5 Database search
6 Character & reference verification
7 Identity Check
8 Drug test/ Medical test verification
9 OFAC Check
10 Credit Report
11 Professional License/Credential Verification
12 Vendor Screening
1 Academic record verification

Academic record verification

Hiring a well-educated, well-trained workforce can be key to any company's success and future growth. Crystal Screening services ensures you’re hiring the right candidates to meet these goals. Typical education verifications look at candidate’s high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees. We make sure that your potential new-hire actually has the educational background necessary to perform well in their new role.

Because of the large number of job applicants make false educational claims. Education Verifications are a valuable honesty check which protects an employer against negligent hiring claims. An Education Verification confirms that the education, training or certification claims of an applicant are true. It includes the verification of year of passing the school/universities/boards etc. and graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, majors studied, honors received etc. We also run checks to determine whether your new employees have the professional licenses required for certain positions. Along with confirming an applicant's competency within a specific field, these checks give you legal protection in cases where a specific license is required by law. All verifications are undertaken at the primary source such as the school/universities/institutes/Boards etc.

2 Employment record verification

Employment record verification

Employment history verification is essential for many reasons. More than 25% of resumes contain false details of work experience. Candidates may lie on their resume to cover up previous employment problems, and even periods of imprisonment that they obviously do not want to reveal in an application for a new job. With the proliferation of fake employment certificates are being used to leverage higher salaries and, for many unfortunate companies, has led to public embarrassment and damage to reputation. Organizations are obliged not only by law, but morally, to make as sure as you possibly can that your employees are not harmed through your employment of an unsuitable candidate. We validate the information provided by the candidate with respect to his previous employment. This validation includes designation, tenure of employment, nature of exit and CTC (cost to the company). Crystal Screening services not only verifies the typical information like designation, tenure of employment, nature of exit and CTC but also seeks for the information on the others factors like also candidate’s duties, behavior, performance, eligibility to rehire and emphasis on comprehensive data set to illustrate whether the candidate actually has the skills and experience necessary to perform well in the position you’re hiring for.

Crystal screening services also provides the service of company verification. Sometimes it happens that the candidate gives experience certificate of very small companies which might be fake and not existing. To rely on such companies might be dangerous. Thus, in such cases we verify about that company whether it is genuinely existing or is fake. Crystal screening services also provides the services of GAP check (i.e. verifying the reason given by the candidate for the large gap between two employments (if any).

It’s important to keep in mind that verifying a candidate’s employment history can save you from potential problems down the road.

3 Address verification

Address verification

Address validation is the process of checking, address details (permanent/current address/previous address) given by the candidate against an authoritative database and physical verification to see if the address is valid. It is important to know the whereabouts of a person in order to have full confidence in his/her credentials. As a first point for querying in case of absenteeism, disciplinary issues, or any violations. There have been cases reported of employees who go missing after defaulting with customer accounts. Address verification will not only prevent such misgivings but also be useful in tracking down such defaulters. We conduct this check through a field officer’s visit to the mentioned address and verify the address details, the tenure of stay, the ownership status and details of other members residing there. If in case the door is found locked / address incomplete, we go ahead and verify the details from people residing in the neighborhood /nearby courier & post office.

Address verification can be conducted for both Permanent and current address.

Permanent address is the legal address of an individual where she/he is a registered resident with his/her name. Permanent address appears in government documents like voter id card, ration card, driving license, and passport. Many people, who stay away from home, use their parents’ house as their permanent address. Therefore, permanent address is also defined as an address where the applicant receives official documents and correspondence.

Current address may be permanent and temporary correspondence location. Temporary address is where an individual is residing with a friend or a relative, or where she/he has rented an accommodation or is a paying guest, or can also be a post office box where she/he has rented a postal box where any correspondence to him/her is delivered. As temporary address is not considered a reliable piece of information as far as security is concerned, permanent address verification holds more value.

We ensure that the address and the address proof submitted by the candidate to the organization are factually right or not and if it is wrong then we will also provide the correct address of the candidate (if found during search).

4 Criminal record verification

Criminal record verification

Criminal verification entails checking a person's criminal history to assess his or her trustworthiness. It is not practically possible for the HR executives to screen through all the applicants for criminal record. An individual’s criminal history should be taken into consideration while hiring. Their history should be known to ensure the organization can weigh risk and comply with company policies to make the most educated decision. Criminal background checks are not generally available to public. Crystal Screening Services verifies whether any case has been filed against the name of the candidate in the police station records court of law for any court record pertaining to criminal or civil litigation and ensures the information as accurate and actionable.

A Criminal search provides a safe workplace for employees and the public, Avoid or defend negligent hiring law suits, Protect company’s reputation and protect the organization’s assets from inappropriate factors. In past few years, courts in India have adopted the practice of digitizing records which are both reliable and true. Criminal background checks are carried out through all-inclusive litigation searches of court records involving civil or criminal cases. The data is collected from the information dispersed by the various courts (like District Civil Courts & Tribunals/ High Courts/ Supreme Court/ Magistrate Court/ District Court/ State Courts etc./ Criminal Suit Magistrate Court/ Criminal Suit District Court/ Criminal Suit State Court)

5 Database search

Database Search

Database search Identifies jurisdictions on a broader scale where a person may have a criminal record and Search beyond states and countries where a candidate has worked, lived or attended school. Database search includes :

Criminal records from state record repositories and some county and township courts

Departments of correction and probation

Sex offender registries from all 50 states& countries.

Information from state-level agencies, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the FBI

Local, state and federal fugitive lists.

Crystal screening services verifies if the candidate has been reported on any of the Regulatory, Compliance and Sanctions or candidates name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles are including criminal databases globally. We also cover global web & media search, cross directorship search to name a few.

6 Character & reference verification

Character & reference verification

Many organizations don’t perform reference checks as they feel it as unnecessary and just a formality. However, the fact is that with up to 30 percent of resumes containing exaggerated or inaccurate information. Denying to conduct a reference check can be costly. A complete reference check is important. Which makes sure that the candidate is reliable or not. It’s a measurement of factors other than employment details which are relevant for hiring completely reliable candidate. Reference checks do more than just measure and report on a person's technical skills

Reference verification is related to length of professional relationship, work related strengths & weaknesses, subject’s job and the nature of duties, follow through, initiative, leadership, dependability, reason for termination, team interaction, person's technical skills, propensity for violence or dishonesty and hire-ability.

7 Identity Check

Identity Check

With rapidly growing technology, identity verification in real-time is becoming must. Identity theft accounts for about 40% of the criminal cases in India. Without identity verification, organizations’, financial institutions and government bodies find themselves victims of frauds, thefts and other major crimes because the person becomes untraceable without actual identity. An identity verification company authenticates the national IDs of the individual such as Voter’s ID, Passport, driving license, and so on, and very whether the person furnishing the documents is the person who he claims to be.

A lot of cases in past have come into light, where criminals portray themselves to be the representatives of any prestigious universities or companies and who claim to offer college seats or jobs for money. These identity thieves are a threat to the safety and well-being of individuals & mass. Identity check can protect individuals and businesses from these threats and help authenticate the real identity of individuals and organization’s. Identity checks are a vital starting point for a robust background screening process. In identity check we confirm the organization that the documents like driving license, passport, voter id etc. provided by the candidate are correct or false.

8 Drug test/ Medical test verification

Drug test/ Medical test verification

A drug-free workplace provides increased productivity, reduced investment, reduced injuries, tardiness and absenteeism, a safer work environment; increased productivity and reduced health insurance costs. It is also used by employers to determine whether an individual is physically suited for a particular position to prevent work-related injuries and disease. This type of screening is recommended for any employer that has a legal, insurance, or contract-based occupational health testing need or requirement to learn if a job applicant is suitable for a job.

For this type of verification we have tie-ups with the reputed laboratories across India for all panels of drug tests. Substances tested for include amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opiates etc. Panels may vary according to company requirements.

Alcohol Testing

DOT Breath Alcohol

Non-DOT Breath Alcohol



Physical Examinations


Fit for Duty

Physical Function

Healthy Back


Other Clinical Services Testing



Audiogram (Hearing Test)

Blood Work/Titers

Grip Strength, static push and pull

Dynamic lifting at specified heights and frequencies

Pulmonary Function Testing

Chest X-Rays

Immunity Testing & Vaccinations

Immunity Testing & Vaccinations

HEP-B Immunity Testing or Vaccination

Varicella Immunity Testing or Vaccination

PPD (TB) Tests

Ishihara Testing (Color Blindness)

Nicotine (Cotinine)

Respirator Mask Fit

Sniff Test (HazMat)

Flu shots

9 OFAC Check

OFAC Check

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in the U.S. Treasury Department regulates penalties, or sanctions, put on foreign countries and other groups that engage in activities that threaten our nation's security and economic well-being. This is an extensive search that includes information from the following sources:

OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons

OFAC Sanctioned Countries, including Major Cities and Ports

Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories

Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties

U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (formerly BXA) Denied Persons and Entities

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Most Wanted Terrorists and Seeking Information

FBI Top Ten Most Wanted

INTERPOL Most Wanted List

Bank of England Sanctions List

Canadian Sanctions List (OSFI)

United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List

Politically Exposed Persons List

European Union Terrorism List

World Bank Ineligible Firms

search delivers the broadest range of international excluded parties, sanctions databases and those involved in or supporting terrorism and/or narcotics trafficking. Our most extensive product, it includes sanctions, enforcements and warnings from enforcement agencies, criminal courts and investigative news sources around the world. It also includes an expansive search of individuals and companies known or suspected to be affiliated with terrorism, animal rights, money laundering, drug trafficking, arms dealing, war crimes, white collar fraud, or other illegal activities, as well as "Politically Exposed Persons" (PEPs), their family members and close associates.

Government Sanction Lists: U.S. OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), Bank of England, Home Office proscribed Lists, United Nations Consolidated List, Global Money Laundering Database, World Bank International Investment Disputes, International Court of Justice, Corrupt Government Officials Database, Interpol Most Wanted, Dubai Police Most Wanted, and International War Crimes Tribunal. Additionally a search of overseas regulatory authorities and will determine if an applicant has been listed as barred or received censor. Some of the authorities searched include US SEC, Alberta Securities Commission, British Columbia SEC, Ontario SEC, Pakistan SEC, India SEC Board, Hong Kong SEC, Malaysian SEC, Japan SEC and Surveillance Commission, Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Agency, New Zealand SEC, Thailand SEC, Bangladesh SEC, Australian SEC and Investment CO, UK FSA, and Lloyds of London Enforcement Lists: Over 300 credibly published enforcement, embargo and denied parties lists from around the world are mined to populate the knowledge base and build the most universally comprehensive enforcement inventory. Examples include Security and Exchange Commissions, State Attorney warnings and Central Bank notices.

Media Sources Database: Consists of over 15,000 sources including newspapers, periodicals, digital media wikis, blogs, press releases, pod casts and other similar sources.

Public Court Records: Regularly updated open source information including public records, judicial transcripts and orders, cross border judicial requests and other public sector materials.

10 Credit Report

Credit Report

Crystal Screening Services provides employment purpose credit reports that deliver a profile of the subject’s financial history for the past Nine years, including charge-offs, collections accounts, public records, trade lines, bankruptcies, judgments and monthly payment histories. A CIR is an individual’s credit payment history across loan types and credit institutions over a period of time. A credit reports does not contain details of candidate’s savings, investments or fixed deposits. It is calculated based on one’s credit behavior as reflected in the ‘Accounts’ and ‘Enquiries’ section of CIRA. Any default on the payment of the loan by the principal applicant, will affect Credit Score. A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) showed that 60 per cent of employers pull current and potential employees' credit reports. This is done to determine the financial stability of candidates. It includes a person's credit history with detailed information of their credit accounts and loans, bankruptcies, and late payments, apart from their personal information. It is issued by licensed Credit Information Companies. in order to evaluate several personal attributes such as reliability and honesty. It is extracted that the bad credit scores would imply that the person is bad at managing his finances which is bound to impact his performance at work. Moreover, it can also be related to dishonesty attribute of candidates and a potential threat to the workplace. credit report can reveal habits such as living beyond one’s means and ownership of large debts with no immediate method of repayment that may be indicators of financial irresponsibility that could affect the workplace.

Employers must use caution when deciding when to use credit reports to make sure that personal financial circumstances are related to the job function or security requirements.

Professional License/Credential Verification-Please check these checks are not been conducting by us however mentioned here for further

Professional license verifications are available for any license issued by a state or federal licensing board or agency. Crystal screening services conducts primary source verifications of license held, current status, and expiration date with the licensing board in question. In addition to basic license verification, any additional certifications, restrictions, reprimands, or other license related information are also reported. Common license verifications include but are not limited to:

CPA, Attorney, Lawyers

Teacher, Registered Nurse,

Licensed Practical Nurse,



Pharmacist, and

Real Estate.


Crystal screening services provides a wide range of sanction and global watch list searches that span the globe appropriate for any organization. Industry-specific datasets are available for the healthcare and financial services sectors.

11 Professional License/Credential Verification

Professional License/Credential Verification

Professional license verifications are available for any license issued by a state or federal licensing board or agency. Crystal screening services (CSS) conducts primary source verifications of license held, current status, and expiration date with the licensing board in question. In addition to basic license verification, any additional certifications, restrictions, reprimands, or other license related information are also reported. Common license verifications include but are not limited to:

CPA, Attorney, Lawyers

Teacher, Registered Nurse,

Licensed Practical Nurse,



Pharmacist, and

Real Estate.


Crystal screening services (CSS) provides a wide range of sanction and global watch list searches that span the globe appropriate for any organization. Industry-specific datasets are available for the healthcare and financial services sectors.

12 Vendor Screening

Vendor Screening

Screening of vendor is a standard business practice that is followed across the world. This is a mechanism that makes companies possible to screen and monitor the processes of a vendor and ensure that the vendors adhere to the guidelines of vendor risk management.

For corporate boards, legal counsel and compliance officers, this means evaluating the risk associated with your business relationships. Doing so can help you preserve brand integrity and business continuity, while protecting against lawsuits, fines and other undesirable consequences of a regulatory violation. While introducing vendors and contractors into workforce, companies become fully responsible for them and their actions—and not performing the contractor background screening process opens the door to risk and negligence that could put your company in financial jeopardy.

Employee and contractor badging allows the company to control who has access to the sensitive areas in its workplace. Vendors and contractors should only receive badging after you review their background check and no red flags result. A contractor badging system can be monitored online and prove to a simple, yet effective solution.

HR generally perform various screening for all contractor like:

Criminal Background Check

Certificate & License Check

Employment Verification

Education Verification

Reference Verification

Drug test

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